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             Rainbow Music Shop would like to say Thank You (!) to all our customers for an  

                   amazing,"better-than-stellar" summer ,and Thanks also go out to all

         our new customers who made the trek here, from out of the city and elsewhere.
                                                 We appreciate your business !
As we head into our 44th year in business,stay tuned to our website, and drop by our store as we kick off the fall season with even more cool gear,special buys & promo deals.





                                                                               Now in stock:

                    G & L Tribute Series Will Ray guitars w/Hipshot B-Bender

                               G & L Tribute L-2500 and M-2500 5-string basses

                    Vox Limited Edition Union Jack Pathfinder 10 amps

                                        New Vox VX model guitar combo amps

                                                Vox Tone Garage FX Pedals

                                              Even more mini-fx from Mooer


                             Cort Acoustic Guitar packages

                   Orange PPC112 Speaker Cabinet w/Celestion Vintage 30

                         Orange Tiny Terror 15watt all tube amp head

                   Orange CR60 60watt combo amp w/reverb & fx loop


             Tradition Acoustic , and Acoustic-Electric Guitar Packages

                                           Ibanez Acoustic-electric Bass

               Nux FX LoopCore Looper pedal w/built in rhythm unit

           Orange Tiny Terror amp head and PPC112 speaker cabinet


                                         Ibanez Acoustic guitar packages

                                       Aria Acoustic-Electric bass guitars

                   GB Guitar/Bass interface unit for I-Phone & I-Pad

                                                   AmpCab Miking Clamp

                                           CAD Stage 7 Drum Mike Pack

                                 CAD DH Drummer Isolation Headphones

                                       Nano Power Block for pedalboards


                                                             Orange Dark Terror all tube amp

                                                     Aria ASA Parlour style travel guitar

                                                             Orange Micro Terror Mini Stack

                                                                     Behringer Mic preamps


     Stay tuned to this site for many new product announcements over the upcoming months...



                                                                         Upcoming Events



Led Zeppelin Mothership-at The Port October 3 7 p.m.
Bon Jovi Forever at La Maison October 3 9 p.m.
A Tribute to Goerge Strait  at The Royal Canadian Legion Oct.10 7:30p.m.
Don Ross & Calum Graham-at the St.lawrence Acoustic Stage,Morrisburg Oct.10 7 p.m.




                                "1972-2015: Now celebrating 40 Plus years in business!"



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