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Fender N.O.S Footswitches
These Fender Foostwitch units seem to be hard to find in this area(even from Fender dealers ! )
Folks keeps asking US for them,so........WE've brought in a limited stock of N.O.S Fender footswitches...

These are NOT your standard,simple(short to ground) footswitches.They use a voltage & diode switching circuit, inside the pedal to function properly,so ensure your Fender amp model is in the "compatible" list below.

You CAN'T use these on amps that normally require a 'standard" on/off stompswitch.

Used for: Princeton® Chorus, Ultimate Stereo Chorus, Automatic GT, Automatic SE and M80 Chorus,HOT Rod,,Champion 110,Stage 112,RocPro,Performer 1000'86 Showman,Frontman,Pro 185,Deluxe,Blues Deville,
Concert ,'94 Twin Amp.This is simply one of those things that doesn't make any practical sense to order online.
Considering the shipping costs normally make up half the cost of these,why bother,when you can get them right here,LOCALLY ? After these are sold out,c'est tout !










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9 Sheet music stands-standard style,podium style,even ultra compact table top models
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19 Bongoes,all wood construction,that you can actually tune too-from $79.95
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21 Micro-amps ,battery operated ,for guitar ,that fit on a desktop or on your belt,from  $49.95
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23 Behringer TriplePack of vocal microphones-just add cables and start singing!
24 Vox Amp Plugs-tiny,pocket sized headphone amps that sound amazing
25 Instrument cases-lots of choices in hardshell,foamlyte and padded types,we got 'em!
26 GuitarBug by Bond Reasearch,I-phone interface -connect & play your guitar into your I-phone
27 DJ and Home Studio headphones by Numark,Oakland,Behringer and Shure,starting from $24.95
28 Cajons,maracas,egg shakers,tambourines,mini congas-make some noise !
29 D''addario 10-Pak strings,for acoustic, or electric guitar,in the most popular guages
30 Planet Waves Pro Winder/Cutter/bridge pin puller "the swiss army knife" for guitar players!
31 Cleaner/Wax/Polish to keep your instruments in tip-top condition
32 Acoustic guitar humidifier-helps maintain proper humdity during these dry winter months
33 Padded travel bags for Cymbals,Bongos,bass drumpedals keep your stuff safe
34 Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole plug-reduce feedback on stage when playing thru your amp or PA system
35 Wall mounts for guitar and bass-get those instruments off the floor!
36 Topper Pro-Audio micro mixers-secral models in stock-great for small home studios
37 Vox RhythmAmp-compact tabletop amp,with a built-in drum machine, for guitar or bass -$74.95
38 Planet Waves guitar picks holder/LED keychain combo-find yer picks fast-even in the dark!
39 Guitar Professor-a clever guitar tuner with on-screen,built-in chord dictionary-$19.95
40 Apex Headset Vocalist mike-ideal for singers, drummers -$69.95
41 Shadow Violin pickup-twin sensors, with female cable connector, installs in minutes-$79.95
42 Vox Limited Edition Union Jack Graphic'd Wah-Wah-complete with travel bag-$125.00
43 Big Daddy 9 volt ac power supply 1000ma-more than enough juice to power a lot of pedals-$24.95
44 Wittner violin tuner with clip-on pickup sensor-$39.95
45 Behringer HellBabe multi-mode wah-wah-$64.99
46 Mooer NoiseKiller-kills hiss and noise from fx pedals-super compact size-$95.00
47 Vox StompLab I-one hundred programs in a compact floor unit-$89.95
48 Danelectro DJ14 Graphic Equalizer-works with pretty much any instrument-$49.99
49 Springfield Humidity Monitor-keep your temp./humidity in check-$34.95
50 Shadow SoundHole Tuner-hides out of view, in your acoustic guitar-$49.99
51 Fender Guitarist T-shirts & basball caps ,in assorted styles,colours and sizes.$29.95 each
52 Alpine MusicSafe Hearing protectors for musicians with 2 interchangeable filters-$19.99 set
53 Give the gift of music and support local artists-we carry CD's by many local musicians-priced at $10.00




Anatek Pocket Record

  • Records 15,000 events
  • Single-track, 16 MIDI Channels
  • Records System Exclusive
  • Variable time-signature
  • Fast-forward
  • Soft THRU and External SYNC
  • Loop mode
  • Optional battery backup           More

NOS-Sealed pack


  • Filter on all MIDI channels
  • Filter controllers, System Exclusive and Real-time data
  • Combine data types/channels
  • DIP switch to select filtering by channel
  • Select channel # from any keyboard

NOS-Sealed Pack



  all other Anatek products now sold out!